3d Printed Montana Face Mask Shell and Filter Frame





This is the popular 3d printed “Montana” mask (https://www.makethemasks.com) printed at 100% size. This is just the 3d printed mask shell and 3d printed filter frame. The buyer will need to procure the straps, gaskets (for tight seal to the face) as well as filters. (we currently have a limited supply of the filters custom made for this mask in our store). See https://www.makethemasks.com for more details on how to finish this mask.

We are currently printing in white (custom colors are available as well as smaller sizes). Please contact us for bulk prices, custom colors and smaller sizes.

The designer of this mask designed it to be worn by healthy individuals with full lung capacity. If you are sick or have a diminished lung capacity, please do not use this mask.

If you are picking up, we will notify you when the item is ready and give you pickup instructions.

If we are shipping, we ship USPS priority mail. We will notify you when your item ships along with a tracking number.